LeBron James is interested in having a WNBA franchise

LeBron James is interested in having a WNBA franchise

Star NBAAnd the LeBron James, During his 18-year career, he built an economic fortune valued in Billion dollar, And has made investments in a multitude of projects, from an audiovisual production company to pizza stores, electronics and in Liverpool From England, but wants to go get more and can get into professional basketball.

This information comes after backing it up he is irrigation Submitted on their social networks to the team Atlanta Dream, Who belongs to Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)Who openly called on their followers to vote in the Georgia state parliamentary elections for the Democrat Raphael Warnock, Who eventually overtook the Republican Kelly Loeffler.

The point is that A Senator is a concessionaireThe players and coaches explicitly asked him to sell his shares, in order to demonstrate against the movement Black lives matter And the call for non-politicization of professional sport. This is where LeBron will start.

LeBron will invest in WNBA

Although the campaign by players and coaches from both basketball competitions succeeded in removing Loeffler from the Senate, She does not want to sell her franchise stakeAnd it is receiving political pressure from all sectors, due to its conflict file.

It wouldn’t be that simple for James, given that MP owns 49 percent of the Atlanta DreamShe has mentioned that she does not want to give in to the players, because “You want to silence those who disagree with others”.

If this were to be done, it would be a huge relief to the WNBA, as they share its political ideology and it will also provide additional publicity for a league that has gained popularity in recent years.

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