Félix Huete is shown again at Espacio Joven Sur

Félix Huete is shown again at Espacio Joven Sur

From Friday until the 31st, the exhibition hall at Espacio Joven Sur in Valladolid will host the exhibition “Painting in Three Ways” by the artist Felix Identity Garcia.

Born in Avila, Identity is a computer engineer and industrial design engineering student, and grew up under the protection of the business of his mother, Sylvia García Herrero, who is also a painter. Growing up among the paintings and the distinct smell of oil paintings, canvases, and fine art materials, he aroused curiosity about art from a young age. At the age of 18, he moved to Valladolid, where he mixed work and study with drawing and painting.

This exhibition, the second he has presented at Espacio Joven Sur in Valladolid, shows a small portion of his works created over the past year.

Leaving the BIC pen technique, in this gallery he adds other techniques like graphite and oil. Through this new project, he seeks to represent places, animals or faces “as realistically as possible”, trying to account, represent and capture in his works those subjects that interest him in pictures and which he would like to share with the viewer, as reported by the organization to through a statement sent to Europa Press.

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