Leclerc hits F1 net 10 points penalty for Canadian GP

Leclerc hits F1 net 10 points penalty for Canadian GP

Leclerc was forced to retire from last Sunday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix while driving the race after a failure in his power unit. Ferrari She has since asserted that she left it “unrepairable”.

It was Leclerc’s latest reliability setback in a difficult period for Leclerc that also saw him retire when he drove in Spain with a problem with his power unit, leaving Ferrari to face potential grid penalties.

Ahead of Friday’s practice for the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, the FIA ​​confirmed that Ferrari has taken on a new engine, MGU-H, MGU-K, and control electronics, all within its seasonal customization.

But after concluding the FP2, a second document from the FIA ​​confirmed that Leclerc has taken on another new control electronics, its third this year.

As this exceeds the season limit for two consoles, it results in a grid drop from the 10 places Leclerc will take on Sunday.

The main concern ahead of the weekend was the Leclerc turbocharger after a new supercharger introduced in Azerbaijan was wiped out due to a power unit failure. However, he still has one usable in his seasonal collection which means no change has been needed yet.

Speaking this morning, Leclerc admitted it “wasn’t the best place to be” in the face of penalty shootout early in the season.

“This is one of the tracks that is easy to overtake, but there are also tracks in the next three or four races where it is very easy to overtake as well,” said Leclerc.

despite Max Verstappen Leclerc topped both FP1 and FP2 for Red Bull on Friday in Montreal, and Leclerc managed to finish the day second fastest, just 0.081 seconds off the afternoon’s best time.

While it will currently only give up 10 places, Ferrari can look to capitalize on the setback and bring other new parts to the pool if it sees the grid’s rear start as worth it.

AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda The start of the race from the back of the field has already been confirmed after the team took on a whole new power unit for the weekend.

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