“Let’s go”; Controversial photo of Sebastian Cordova on Instagram

“Let’s go”;  Controversial photo of Sebastian Cordova on Instagram

product Sebastian Cordova from America a chivas Practically specific, the details are what separate the midfielder from his new team and even, The date of the initial submission has been dealt with For the appearance of Azulcremas lower teams with his new team in Pearl of the West.

Controversy over the exchange cordova by Antona between the the Eagles And Guadalajara It was enough because it would be the first move of this kind in the history of the two teams who face the biggest feud in Mexican football at a time when both come from important sporting failures.

As if that wasn’t enough Sebastian Cordova Take charge of transforming the environment even further with a post on his account Instagram Accompanied by a simple word that caused numerous reactions for and against what is approaching his next step as a professional player.

The midfielder posted two photos in a suit to promote his brand. However, it was accompanied by “Let’s go‘, which was very suggestive for users who took it as a clear indication of the fact that kuaba a Green Valley.

When is CÓRDOVA presented at CHIVAS?

According to the Guadalajara Foundation, the official announcement of the signing Sebastian Cordova With Guadalajara This should be done next Monday, December 6. Once that happens, America I would be free to do the same with Auriel AntonaWhich would be one of the best creams for him end of 2022.

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