Levin La Vida Lucca | Total basketball

Levin La Vida Lucca |  Total basketball

El Pato started punishing the assistants well for effectively shooting three points and this dominated the first ten minutes, also adding minutes of Donald Sims attacking the edge. Taking care of the external launch, Federico Camiña chose to make changes to the blocks but couldn’t lower the numbers to the killer team of Villa Biarritz and in return, take a step forward for a good defense on Martín Cuello, who had always defended before the curtains and failed to create shots of his surroundings. Emiliano Baston and Diego Pena Garcia entered with a hand in tune with the team, thus leading 19 advances. The color blue set a reaction when Bruno Sansimone left hints tied with two bombs. Bigua insisted very much on playing the job of Hatilla Passos to score or spin the ball around the perimeter, and thus he found again in the hands of Santiago Vidal, who had been allowed on several occasions, an opportunity to extend the maximum. Juan Santiso with a hat-horned hat-trick on the cicada made the difference, which ended up going 17 at the end of the first 20 minutes (54-37).

Malvin came more aggressive behind the second half and early in 13-3, a good striker in a transition period, he reached 7 (57-50). Vidal and Victor Rudd were the ones who responded with more bombs to give air to Hernan Lagenstra’s team, which has generated so much since the Pepo hiatuses. A hat-trick from Chule Sansimoni left 11 to Blue, who closed the third while still in game outside of Bateaux’s domain. Rudd added second chance points for his offensive production. Players’ three-player Nicolas Pomoli and Federico Haller shouted for the two-digit income deduction, but Rudd generated his shots and being effective with fading again gave Villa Biarritz peace of mind. Vidal and Pena García joined the triple production of Pato which gradually closed the door to the game. Sims’ return to court ended with a cap on the game. Donald was sent on straight points where he never lets us forget about his quality. In this way, Biguá closed the game without complications and took the first point of the series with complete authority.

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