Education gives the green light to the health center near Theresa Coloma

Education gives the green light to the health center near Theresa Coloma

The word “OK” comes after the changes made by the municipality’s engineers, which focused on better separation of buildings and enhancing sound insulation, among other aspects. At the end of January, the education opinion on changing uses was unfavorable. Everything stopped. In the concleria and then left the door open for “yes” if certain parties were formed. Once fixed, the project continues on its course.

With the new approach, the teaching plot will have an area of ​​3,912.39 square meters, with an area of ​​112 square meters. The next stage is getting health approval, which is a goal the city council takes for granted. Minister Anna Barceló made no secret of her intentions – positive – on a visit to the municipality that took place in December 2020. She even announced that the tender would take place at the beginning of this year, although the process had been slowed by the abuse. Education report released.

Ignacio Rigg, the Shativa city planning consultant, defended the initiative yesterday: “It’s a project that the municipality and education need now if they agree. There was a deadline to enter the health investment plan – August was marked in red on the municipal calendar – and we needed to get that approval. Everything is going well. ”

“We have always been very clear that building a new health center is necessary for Shativa. It is longing for many years. PP came to formulate a project that did not bear fruit, “announced the head of Urban Sitabensee yesterday.

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Once all PGOU amendment procedures are passed, the plot will be transferred to the department. The health ministry long ago confirmed that if there was land we would have a health center. We have arrived before the deadline and can go into the investment plan. ”

It is estimated that the future complex could serve more than 11,000 residents of the eastern part of Shativa. In March 2019, the Ministry announced the building’s “functional program”. On paper, there is a two-story building with family medicine and nursing consultations, a multipurpose room, an emergency room, and a clinic; Among other services. In return, she will also have pediatric care.

Another argument that its promoters have argued is that the new complex will accommodate part of the healthcare for the current Osias March Center.

The location chosen next to the Teresa Coloma School was also a source of controversy, with AMPA coordinating a batch of signatures and opposition parties opposing: “This position dislodged me, I think it’s a more than necessary project for Xativa. We are here to get the best equipment.”

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