Liga de Quito dealt a heavy blow at home; Lost 1-0 to Gremio in the Copa America | football | Sports

Liga de Quito dealt a heavy blow at home;  Lost 1-0 to Gremio in the Copa America |  football |  Sports

A header from Leo Pereira in the 19th minute determined the visitor’s winning goal.

Gremio beat Liga de Quito 1-0 and took advantage of a huge advantage to qualify for the round, after the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana 2021 was played in Quito on Tuesday.

A header from Leo Pereira in the 19th minute set the visitor’s winning goal, an unparalleled advantage to decide the classification in the return match next Tuesday at the Arena do Gremio.

The new gaucho coach who made his debut in this regional tournament, Luiz Felipe Scolari, the old football fox, imposed a character of order and awe in defense and strength in attack.

Such was how well he looked at Rodrigo Paz’s field in Quito, sometimes not feeling the height of 2,850 metres.

In the league, chaos and lack of ideas reigned under Argentine Pablo Marini, a newcomer off the bench for Quito, who won this competition in 2009.

For defense, the visit accommodated as many as six men in front of a large area, while the other four advanced, in an outpouring of solidarity, impeding any creative attempt by the League.

afraid against

He withdrew and left quickly and so knew how to exploit defensive mistakes by a lackluster university team.

Midfielder Lucas Silva “bitten” opponents who were approaching the danger zone and after recovering, the counter was armed in search of talented Jean Perry and opportunistic Diego de Sousa, the only striker.

A tepid domestic effort turned into the momentum of Paraguay Luis Amarilla, whose shot was missed by effective goalkeeper Gabriel Chapeco.

At a corner kick from the locals, the bounce was exploited by a visit that quickly got out.

When the long midfield seemed lost – so the Albus defenders understood – Pierre ran, blocking the ball out, cross, and Pereira’s head between Adrian Gaparini’s legs to score the opening goal in the 19th minute.

The gaucho gained confidence and the La Liga increased in mistakes.

The Brazilians were frightened on every counterattack and Gaparini avoided defeat. The second visitor was always closer than the equal alba.

Not even with six attackers

In the second half, the presence of the same 22 personalities maintained the same dynamics of the suit.

Ten minutes later, the building’s coach, Marini, arranged three changes.

He was joined by Pedro Perlaza, midfielder Kevin Mercado and striker Djorkayev Riskos, with whom La Liga showed an even greater offensive imbalance.

Gremio felt worn out, turned more and more backwards and corners doubled in his area. Rowan and Kahneman manage to make it all stand out in the scrolling game.

The Spanish league came with six players in attack and started with everything, defending only two positions.

In response, Gremio forgiven, he didn’t know how to liquidate but still won and tasted passage to the quarter-finals. A draw at home is enough for him.

For the League for the sake of the above, only a real feat in Porto Alegre will allow this story to be reversed in its favour. (Dr)

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