Lorette de Mola calls himself a victim, but he’s not: Israel Vallarta

Lorette de Mola calls himself a victim, but he’s not: Israel Vallarta

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Israel Vallarta Cisneros, the alleged leader of the kidnapping gang Los Zodiaco, she gave Details about Yesterday’s confrontation with journalist Carlos Loret de Mola Before the supposed TV montage of his arrest and that of the French Florence Break in 2005.

Through a phone call from Altiplano prison toHe announced that he would request the appearance of other former Televisa managers who were directed at the hearing by the caller, who said “Now he says he is a victim, but he is not.”

“(Carlos Loret de Mola) says he was cheated (…) as we’ll see later,” he said.

He asserted that Lorette de Mola was “taking advantage of the situation in which there was confusion” and asserted that he had the privileges of “confrontation” from his home and not personally as he had requested.

I insist confrontations is how you hear face to face in front of the judge so that the judge understands and interprets the reactions of each individual and issues his standards but the strange thing is that everyone in his house is mainly Mr.

The journalist’s statements are “a false victory”

Yesterday, journalist Carlos Loret de Mola and two former Televisa collaborators appeared in a confrontation that took place with Israel Vallarta Cisneros, who was arrested on December 9, 2005, along with Frenchwoman Florence Cassez.

At the end of the session, he posted a video on social media, confirming this Laura Barranco and Juan Manuel MaganaThey could not prove that he was complicit with the authorities in this arrangement.

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However, Israel and his wife Marie Saenez, the works cited as a “false victory”, in which he asserted that he “knew (Lauret) that he had some degree of guilt”.

I have done everything possible so that the historical truth is reached. Not me or the police, nor the media, but the real one,” Israel Vallarta stated.

Mary said: “This orgasm that appears in this video is a lie, it is another montage of his lies and I ask him that if I am lying to prove the opposite and to sue me (…) Lord Montague is lying breathing.” Sainz.

Israel confirmed that Laureate’s situation in court differs from that of the other witnesses who appeared in the confrontation, noting that he “did not take matters seriously.”

“Lorette de Mola is always laughing; he makes faces and makes fun of her, so he doesn’t take things seriously and obviously keeps rejecting and now calls himself a victim because he was never warned.”


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