Liga MX: Chivas, the culprit for El Clásico against Club América in the middle level

Liga MX: Chivas, the culprit for El Clásico against Club América in the middle level

Chivas It is sad in the field. It’s a team that doesn’t have a soccer team, singles making a difference, or a coach skilled enough for that team to be able to rotate three straight passes in a decent manner. Probably because everything in Chivas is lagging. Why perhaps the coaching staff does not understand that the team has been formed to play inferior. Wait, spaces close and from there, play against the game and take advantage of the long game because their players are better at transformations than asking at the foot. Simplifying things for Vucetich has never been this difficult. like him USA De Solari, who would win, realized he needed to be solid in defense, get back his best players and score at specific moments, with what they generate in attack.

Chivas plays without conviction, with few clear stances and ideas. He does not generate clear chances to score, but in every match he does manage to score at least. It depends a lot on the duo Alexis Vega and Jose Juan Macias in attack and when they’re not, which doesn’t mean they’re a go-to soccer panacea, Guadalajara has little oases to stick with. America is not walking intelligence today, but a specific bloc that knows who the important players are in the team and understands their strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else.

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And yes, Chivas is to blame for the National Classic’s decline, given the low level of competition, poor individual quality teams and a string of coaches who couldn’t tame their tantrums, and the unprofessional and highly protected locker room by press for the fact that the same flag was on their forehead. El Clasico was long paused to become another match. Only three points were played to keep adding and the feeling, emotion and assumption of victory were in the background.

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But America did its job. He is always the protagonist, secures a certain amount of points and fights head-to-head for titles. It is a team that always believes in its potential. He clings to his story, hobby, and commitment to achieving goals. No excuses, indirect whining and, above all, without the consent of the press. He was the only one of the “greats” who always fought for important things with great steadfastness. But Chivas did not. He doesn’t get the best players on the table, he doesn’t usually win important matches and he doesn’t usually show a good idea and game on the field.

Chivas is guilty. Chivas is the bad guy in the movie and the one who doesn’t do his homework. It is so sad today because it is unable to give a competitive little face. Give security to something and take control of some aspects of the game. This team doesn’t defend well, doesn’t have players making teams and a coach who doesn’t seem to understand even his players, which is a pity.

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