Liga MX: Cruz Azul goes without a win and Santos leaves the Azteca Stadium alive

Liga MX: Cruz Azul goes without a win and Santos leaves the Azteca Stadium alive

A machine has changed its driver, a new driver putting coal into the boiler, perhaps more than expected to rerouting a train that started something derailed from the station, but in the end the temperature of the boiler itself is still not enough.

blue cross Joaquín Moreno made his coaching debut, but could not break the 2-2 tie against him St. Lagoon In round 4 of Opening 2023 affiliate MX League In a duel where fouls are on both sides (especially the light blue ones) and an inspired Lajud marks a point for each side.

With called ballast League Cup Cement producers and lakes on their backs are still trying to explicitly erase the image presented in the United States and the sooner the better, at least that was what the Visit thought, who went in search of the first goal and resulted in an early goal. Reward for the team led Paul Repetto.

Of course, the shameful exit from the security zone resulted in a “little gift” for Harold Preciado Immediately after the second minute of play at Estadio Azteca, Santos Laguna goes to the front and practically spits in the faces of the cement workers, with Joaquin Moreno making his first appearance in the technical direction after the departure of Riccardo Ferretti.

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In fact, Moreno tried to put his mark on this match since formation, with a strong midfield led by Lira and Castaño, and in the end, this betting led to Cruz Azul finally being able to advance meters and pay off in a great game. that reached its climax Change the dipper.

The Colombian reinforcement started its debut in the 10th minute with a real goal with a hard shot from the first intention and achieved its first goal with La Noria at a critical moment in the match inside the Azteca Stadium, who made such a shy intervention for this goal. A match like the performance of Cement itself in the League Cup.

Santos disappeared for the rest of the first half and took advantage of that as well Uriel Antona who caused a penalty which he himself had already taken to make up before the break (with his usual characteristic ritual of taking 11 steps, this time with good success and emphasizing the somersault on the scoreboard.

Harold Preciado came back in favor with a double penalty already in the extra component (at 64 minutes to be exact) completing a host of offensive fouls on both sides, although Cruz Azul suffered more in this regard when smashing balls into the Beverde backside. The last straw came at the feet of Rotondi who, already in compensation, lost one-on-one with him Gibran to Judd On the play that was worth two extra points and the first victory of the season in regulation time.

The train is already on its way, even with a change of driver, but the track looks the same: a track that seems to be heading into a precipice in a season that, though still very young, looks like a road that has hit a wall from La Noria.

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