Five times your recharge balance + 25 GB rewards and unlimited internet

Five times your recharge balance + 25 GB rewards and unlimited internet

From August 21 to 26 of this year, mobile customers in Cuba will be able to get international promotion It offers the ability to multiply the recharge balance five times, in addition to receiving generous data rewards and unlimited access to the Internet during the early hours of the morning.

Promotion details

Users who receive an international recharge of at least 500.00 CUP (Cuban pesos) and up to 1250.00 CUP will be able to enjoy a series of exceptional benefits. When you recharge within this range, your main balance will be automatically increased by 5 times. For example, if a customer receives 500.00 CUP internationally, their main balance will receive an additional 2,500.00 CUP.

Bonds and validity

In addition to this generous balance boost, customers will receive a bonus of 25 GB valid for all networks, as well as unlimited internet access from midnight to 7:00 am. These rewards are valid for 30 days from the last recharge received.

Versatile use

Data vouchers and balance received in this offer can be used to make local and international calls, purchase bags, bundles, data plans, minutes, SMS, transfers and activate an Amigo plan.

discount priority

To ensure customers get the most out of their rewards, resource deductions are automatically assigned a priority. First, unlimited internet rewards are consumed from 12:00 am to 7:00 am and are valid for 30 days. Then, other resources are used, such as daily stocks, courier stocks, national and international data bonds, among others.

Recharge limits

It is important to keep in mind that customers can get several top-ups during the promotional period, provided they do not exceed the maximum limit set for their main account, which is 500,000 coupons. If these limits are exceeded, no further recharges will be possible.

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Balance inquiry

Principal balance consultation is still free for the client and can be done by calling *222*266#.

term extensions

For customers with data vouchers, bundled plans (domestic and international), and LTE packages in effect at the time of receiving an international recharge, the effective date will be automatically extended to 30 days from the recharge, with expiration at 23:59 Kobani time.

However, customers who have monetary rewards, plans or groups with SMS resources will not see the effective date of these resources extended.

Where is shipping?

  • You can buy international recharge using the US dollar account of the MiTransfer exchange.
  • This international recharge offer does not apply to recharges made at MLC Stores.

The international shipping locations are:

The websites to recharge your MiTransfer bag (USD account) are:

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