Liga MX: ESPN journalist urges Shivas to ‘help’ qualify for reuse

Liga MX: ESPN journalist urges Shivas to ‘help’ qualify for reuse

After the victory Shivas Rayadas of Guadalajara Against Riotos de Montre and his tab Reparation ZoneBy settling in ninth place with 19 points, the journalist ESPN, John Sutcliffe, He posted a vicious comment on his social networks, leaving a very clear note against the Guadalajara team.

Sutcliffe, self-confession Club America Eagles, Leaving a clear note against the herd of Chivas del Guadalajara’s fierce rival, pointing out that Guadalajara is preferred or eligible for a refund because of the economic interests of Liga MX.

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The journalist commented that the Liga MX would lose millions of dollars if Chivas Clausura does not make it to the 2021 reissue because it is one of the most popular teams in the country and it generates high ratings for TV stations.

“Millions of dollars would be lost if Liva BPVMX’s televisions did not make it to the Shivas play-offs,” he said.

In the match against Royados, Sutcliffe’s opinion came, despite the fact that Guadalajara canceled all two penalties, as the referee wanted several flocks to point out frauds and avoid yellow cards against Rojiblancos.

After the release of Sutcliffe, the reaction of the fans did not wait, as some praised and responded to what the journalist said, while others were outraged by his words, asking him to be more clear and objective in his comments.

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