Berlwezzi appoints a new Minister of Education

Berlwezzi appoints a new Minister of Education

Governor Pedro Pierluese today announced the appointment of Dr. Magali Rivera as Minister of Education.

Dr Rivera Rivera has more than 30 years of experience in the educational system and has knowledge in educational, non-teaching and administrative fields. Additionally, his background includes working with budgets, state funds, and federal funds, mastering collective bargaining, and knowing résumés.

The assignee holds a doctorate in school administration, a master’s degree in education specializing in the Spanish curriculum, a second master’s degree in education specializing in management and supervision, and a bachelor’s degree in secondary education. Her work experience, since 1984, includes serving as a Regional Director, Government Supervisor of Schools, Assistant Supervisor for Schools, Principal of Schools and Intermediate Level Spanish Teacher.

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Rivera Rivera’s ability, human qualities and commitment to educating boys and girls is evident in her long career in the Ministry of Education. For this government, educating our boys and girls is a priority. Through this appointment, I, once again, act with a sense of urgency and ensure that the Ministry of Education will have someone with the qualities and qualifications necessary to promote all the projects and common goals we have in educating those who are the ruler said.

He added, “Given the importance and responsibility that our constitution imposes on us to educate future generations, I hope that this appointment will attend with the utmost urgency and diligence.”

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