Liga MX: Shivas fell to Riotos de Vusetic

Liga MX: Shivas fell to Riotos de Vusetic

In this case they do not have to wait until the final breath of the match to lose the advantage, because before the final stretch of the match Sivas They were overflowing Montreal Lines.

When returning Victor Manuel Vusetich To Akron Stadium, Guadalajara Fell 3-1 against.Gang“When he pressed the accelerator a little, he showed why he is one of the best teams in Mexican football.

With Marcelo Michael Liano From a box he was thrown out of the fight TolucaThe Meeting Advanced with a goal in the first half Angel Soldier From the 11 steps, however before going to rest Scratched He leveled the score with a header Jesus Gallardo Kick a corner.

Once in the filling Montreal Ensured victory by goals from Sebastian Vegas Y Alfonso Gonzalez.

In the case of Chile Scratched Putting together a great play in the box SivasBecause after a heel Vincent Johnson And a touch Maxi Mesa, Vegas He was facing the frame to shoot Miguel Jimenez.

For his part, “Poncho“He tried his luck with a long-distance shot that went into the web as an accomplice to him.”Wow“Because the goalkeeper Meeting The ball bounced off him but he could not hold it.

Already against 3-1, fans Guadalajara The discriminatory shouting began to be repeated, and despite the local sound of the stadium trying to calm the atmosphere, the fans kept shouting until the whistle match was over.

Also, in stages Akron He asked “Out Liano” It has become routine, as the Rojiplanco team will continue to be out of the stand until at least the weekend Repechage.

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