Liga MX: Will you stay at Atlas? Jose Restra spoke about Renato Ibarra’s future

Liga MX: Will you stay at Atlas?  Jose Restra spoke about Renato Ibarra’s future

Jose Restra, President Rugenigros del AtlasTalk about a future Renato Ibarra, Who is on loan to Guadalajara team from America Eagles Club And at the end of this End of 2021 I should come back to Kappa If the purchase option is invalid.

In an interview with W Deportes, “Baby” Restra He indicated that the future Renato It does not depend on whether it is Red and black They must pay a fine of 120 million pesos or not, but their performance in the club throughout this year will be analyzed and a decision will be made at the end of the season.

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“The fine has nothing to do with staying or not with Renato. Your topic must be evaluated at the end, and we have a purchase option and it will be triggered.”

On the matter of the fine, Restra was honest and accepted that it was virtually impossible to avoid paying any of the three fines, although they hope to avoid the last fine, which would prevent them from playing replays or Liguilla if they qualified.

“The rule applies if you are an outstanding captain or the last in the competition. The fine is a very clear thing, and in my mathematics we know that it is impossible to pay one of the three fines.”

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