Liga Saesa basketball will be back on the court after two years of vacation – Diario Lanco

Liga Saesa basketball will be back on the court after two years of vacation – Diario Lanco

In compliance with all health protocols, the sports event that gathers around 1,500 players will start in April.

After two years of vacation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, basketball will return in April with the start of a new season of the SAISA League.

This was stated by Rodrigo Navarrete, Regional Director of Saesa “We are very happy to be able to deliver this news, after two years without being able to enjoy this sport. We have already informed the clubs of all the health regulations they must comply with, advocating above all else being the responsibility to successfully develop the 2022 tournament.

For this year, 16 weeks of play are expected, with four series (13, 15, 17, for Under-23s) and more than 400 games. In addition, the twenty participating clubs have been divided into four groups, with the closest geographical areas being preferred, which will allow for shorter transfers and, in this way, reduce the chances of infection.

In turn, Reinaldo Alderet, leader of Las Unimas de Valdivia Sports Club, commented: “The Saesa League was largely missed, although the seniors continued to play in the National League, the juniors were without competition. Now, when we got the news, the green light was given and the coaches immediately started working with the minor series to prepare for the league… The kids are happy “.

“The mobility permit will be requested in a way that is mandatory to enter the gyms and the capacity will be consistent with what is dictated by the Ministry of Health’s step-by-step plan, always complying with the basketball safe return protocol,” Navarrete added.

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In addition, work is underway with the clubs on an internal protocol for additional measures that further enhance care and safety in the different venues where they are played, including precautionary rules before and during trips, when entering the gym and during development.. of matches.

In this new season, the sports days were scheduled to start at 12:00 PM, and the last game would start at 7:00 PM. There will be room in the middle of the day to sanitize the gym.

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