Livia Britto flaunts her dangerous curves in the middle of the street

Livia Britto flaunts her dangerous curves in the middle of the street

Livia Brito Become the biggest distraction in the middle of the street by displaying the most dangerous curves in a white outfit in four photos.

The an actress cuban tv, Livia Britowho is best known for playing characters such as “Yolanda Cadena Lesmes” in “La Piloto” (2017-2018) and “Fernánda Sandoval” with whom she made her debut”love victory(2010), accompanied the postcards with a very powerful message to the faithful, ‘Children of the Light’.

Believe in you my dear and all things will be possible wrote a person born on July 21, 1986 along with a clover emoji for luck and two signs of alo and @aloyoga #liviabrito

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Livia Britto, with a sporty look, her curves attract attention. Photo: Instagram capture

also represented inHeartless”, one of the most recent productions in which the home of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba at Las Estrellas past 2021, featured in a postcard on her Instagram account that would leave 6.9 million subscribers more than a surprise.

Today “Instagram celebrities‘, who would be hugely popular on other platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube, posed in a white ensemble of T-shirt and pants that revealed one of the most distinct areas of her slender figure.

Since the past 2020, Livia Brito Pestana has primarily focused on her personal well-being after the controversy that took her away from the screens for a few months, however, the “Model“He did not disregard his training plan and is the same person who documented his progress.

Famous actress “Abismo de Pas!ón” (2012), “Of that I love you I love you” (2013-2014), “Italian girl comes to get married” (2014-2015) etc., stories that also boosted her career In Las Estrellas through diverse content.

The vast majority relate to a healthy lifestyle, along with other sessions in which she also shows her graceful figure and various phrases for self-improvement.

Presenter of the program “Dance for a Dream”, which is recording scenes today in “”No man’s wife‘, with beautiful, luscious hair and beautiful hazel eyes that always make for the best of him.

Theatrical actress in the playPostman“, supermodels in the middle of the street as can be seen in the set of photos he shared 21 hours ago on the popular social network in which he collected 150,029 likes, among other reactions.

These were just some of the many comments that came to the actress’s publication from tapes such as “The Perfect Dictatorship” and more recently: “Eternal Unhappiness”.

I love Levi

Wow what a lovely little doll a nice afternoon take care of yourself I love you,

And in God, greetings from Paraguay, blessings


This waist

always so beautiful

And I believe in you too


My queen that I love so much

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