Lionel Messi did not reveal whether he will continue in Barcelona, ​​but he was curious about the team

Lionel Messi did not reveal whether he will continue in Barcelona, ​​but he was curious about the team

Lionel Messi did not announce his future beyond June 30, but pointed out that winning the Copa del Rey was “a very important turning point” and reiterated that he “wants to win titles; the better.”

In a detailed interview Ole newspaper For the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of the Argentine game, the captains of Barcelona and Albiceleste left out several headlines, among which were: “The truth is that the last Copa del Rey was special at the moment we were there. Years without good times due to different results.

“It’s beautiful, so much to see … so many guys coming out from below, as well as feeling, I know what it feels like to come out from below because I felt the same way. Or take too much photo Senior, this is a topic for our success. It was a beautiful moment in every way, “he said.

The Argentine star also recalled coming to Barcelona with a development problem: “Well, the truth is, that decision was difficult to make, but at the same time it was quick. I did not hesitate, I did not do much. Understand what it means to get out of there. From my country, from my people, my From friends, starting another career is still a long way off. At first it was hard.

“It’s a bit of everything. It’s not only because of football, it’s a good thing that is going to serve me not only as a footballer, but for life, everyday life. In that sense, I’m very responsible. When I have to do something, when I propose something, I try to take it to the maximum, achieve it and fight for what I want, ”he said.

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“And Diego knows about everything, about the treatment, what he did, but I never began to think that he or any of my children should do this. Seeing him as a father makes it difficult for him to do that, but .. that is, what I have to do, I never had any problems with that. I took care of myself (I injected myself) and I was responsible for everything I had to do, ”he continued.

“I’m been able to compete for almost a year, I’m trained, and it’s not one. Then I’m lucky, it’s very fast at first. I’m progressing very fast, I ‘m playing with the older ones on the climb. It made me want to be here more, to try, to fight constantly. No matter how lucky I was, everything happened very quickly, “he recalled.

Cup of America with Argentina
With a contract expiring on June 30 for Argentina to play two qualifying rounds, and with Copa America with Albiceleste.

“Yeah, we’re eager with the whole team, we’re excited to be able to play this file. We ‘ve been together for a long time, and finally we could not go because of the virus, and it wants to get us together more. It’s a special, weird file, because of course people will not. Personally I want to be there again “, He pointed to ten people about his immediate future.

Back Home, Rosario
His reference to Argentina and, more precisely, Rosario, Messi said: “Even though I came here as a boy, I never went there. Everything that happened to me was always relevant there. My family and friends were always there.”

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“I do not know what it is, I do not know how to explain it. I love going to Rosario, being with my people. There I meet friends and family again, have a barbecue with them, I do not know, maybe when I go out so young, I Not wanting to enjoy everything as desired, seeking or wanting my friends to come back to me and be there .Every time I go it is a very short time, it passes very quickly, ”he said.

The inevitable note about family was also in the interview: “My family, my friends there. These are moments when the whole family is together. Antonella’s family has all the relatives in Argentina. True, I like to remember that. “

Speaking about his family fetus in Barcelona, ​​the 33-year-old star said: “I was lucky to be able to share because many parents had to go to work and work all day, and they didn’t come until nightfall. Mine, I was working all day. , I saw him coming at nine o’clock at night, he was dead … I saw him a little bit.I’m lucky to spend the whole day practicing with them, I want to take them to school, find them, take them to football, and take them to other activities. , I spend more time with my brothers… “.

“Waking up, having breakfast with them … Sometimes even if you want to kill them, ha ha ha. Get up, take them to school, look for them, I like it. You can lift them or sleep at night. And stay day to day. The truth is, we We go out a little bit, we go out a little bit more than who I am, since boys’ day.We have three boys and eventually you finish as usual.They leave school and do some activities.You go looking for them, they do something, we eat 8.30 Or until 9, without sleeping … you make them eat, they are already asleep, and we fall. You will die, “he described of his daily life.

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Fame and family
In that sense, he noted his reputation and his relationship with his children: “Diego and Medio take it in different ways. For example, Diego does not like it, he does not want to be recognized. His character is very shy and he has a bad time. It doesn’t matter if he sucks the egg, or they say it. Diego takes it off, it costs him a little more, but they both already realize it. “

“I am lucky to have such an amazing parenting team. We started with Diego, he went to school first, made friends, he has a good team, even parents. It is natural to look at each other and get together. I’m still one, “he said.

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