The trial in the FM case was adjourned until the 17th of this month

The trial in the FM case was adjourned until the 17th of this month

Judge Odalis Alabis of the Court of Permanent Attention of Santo Domingo Ostee adjourned the knowledge of the average persuasion of those involved in the FM case to the 17th of this month.

The magistrate decided to give the lawyers the opportunity to prepare their defensive ways and manage the budgets.

The side of one of the defendants, who lives in Santiago, did not come to the hearing, so one of the attorneys who appeared presented the qualifications.

Upon completion of the investigation, the defendants, wearing safety helmets and bulletproof vests, were taken from the court and transferred to the Ciudad Nueva Detention Center under the protection of police officers, where they are being held for security reasons.

When the prisoners were unloaded, a woman threw a bottle at them, so prosecutors had to intervene to prevent their clients from being injured. Minutes after the woman was arrested, she was released due to apparent mental health issues.

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During raids in Santiago, Santo Domingo and Punta Ghana, dozens of U.S. pensioners were arrested after being linked to a fraudulent network through phone calls.

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