Live broadcast: Lacayo scores Real Spain’s second goal against Motagua, and Roca is expelled

Live broadcast: Lacayo scores Real Spain’s second goal against Motagua, and Roca is expelled

Real Spain defeats Motagua 0-2 with goals from Gerson Chavez and Junior Lacayo, at the Chilato Uccles National Stadium, as the tenth day of the 2022 Clausura tournament concludes.

In the 23rd minute, midfielder Gerson Chavez made a superb solo move, escaping a mark with high quality, facing off and firing a left-footed shot past Marlon Lecona’s extension.

The Eagles came close to equalizing, but Luis Lopez apparently prevented him. Omar Alvir’s precious cross, Raul Marcelo Santos headed under the goal and “Boba” saved, in the 35th minute.

In the 53rd minute, Carlos Mejia gave a small hat to Ley Decas, and sent a cross pass, Lacona committed a foul at the start and Junior Lacayo took advantage of it to score 0-2 for the machine.

Real Spain remained in front of 10 men due to the expulsion of Argentine striker Ramiro Roca after he saw the second yellow card for a foul on Denel Maldonado in the 57th minute.

Starting lines:

Motagua: 25 Marlon Lecona, 12 Marcelo Santos (4 Carlos Mejia, minimum 46), 5 Marcelo Pereira, 2 Denel Maldonado, 17 Wesley Decas, 24 Omar Elvear, 31 Diego Uscoy, 16 Hector Castellanos, 7 Ivan Lopez, 21 Roberto Moreira and 9 Franco Oligo (11 Angel Tejeda, 46 min).

Fitness Trainer: Cesar Obando.

Royal Spain: 22 Luis Lopez, 21 Kevin Alvarez, 2 Getsil Montes, 6 Devron Garcia, 5 Franklin Flores, 27 Gerson Chavez, 4 Myron Flores, 10 Joe Benavidez, 12 Jason Mejia (24 Carlos Mejia, min 41), 15 Junior Lacayo and 19 Ramiro Roca.

Fitness Trainer: Hector Vargas.

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