They design a space for recreation with native plants, in law – comment

They design a space for recreation with native plants, in law – comment

In cooperation with University Center for Environmental Management (CEUGEA) and other university units, and law school Developing a space for rest and recreation for teachers, students and visitors, they have also included a themed garden, styled Nogueras Ecoparkwith plants from the region do not need much water consumption.

On a tour of the North Campus and facilities at law schoolUniversity’s president Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Zermeno Learn about the progress of the project that so far the director of this campus has commented, Enoch Moran Torresmore than the resources it required, especially in kind, it required a lot of creativity and work between the different dependencies Colima University.

Anna Stefani Barrera GonzalezDirector Seojiahe said that the center he is responsible for is concerned with creating an environment conducive to the healthy conviction of young people, and they have so far planted about a hundred plants.

He added that only law school and high school komala These are the schools that have requested advice for a similar project, and are open to advising more schools or colleges that require it (312315 5717, [email protected]).

Marilyn Hernandez Ortizbiology Seojia, commented that they planted forest trees such as cóbano, galeana, springs, and rosamoradas; fruit trees such as anona, soursop and jackfruit; medicinal plants and plants called ground covers, which require little water; “In addition to enriching the living space, we want to reduce the heat a few degrees and have a positive environmental impact.”

“The natural ecosystem is respected – he said – and we prioritize native plants and special plants; it is not an expensive or water project; we work to enhance the production and conservation of local fauna, among them pollinatorsIn addition to maintaining moisture and restoring the soil.”

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Enoch Moran He explained that the college he runs had an excellent building, but they had no place for recreation or wooded spaces, “and in the college, in addition to a sense of shared responsibility with the environment, we are convinced that we should and can contribute to sustainability.”

Finally, he said, his concern was for the community to take ownership of this space, and for them to be able to participate in this process, which is the beginning; “The idea will grow and we will need contributions, but above all in kind. It is designed as a resting area, but the student goes there, has breakfast, eats, does his homework, team meetings, and lies in the hammocks he donated General Directorate of University Services“.

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