Liverpool: The first sale night of 2024 is coming! This is history and promotions

Liverpool: The first sale night of 2024 is coming!  This is history and promotions

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Do you want a new cell phone, shoes, clothes, furniture or some appliances? Then you don't want to miss Liverpool's first night sales of 2024So we will reveal it to you here History and promotions.

The Mexican store has become one of the favorite stores among consumers because of the variety of its products and because it frequently puts all of its items on sale at irresistible prices.

And this is it Liverpool Not only does it participate in Buen Fin, Hot Sale or Black Friday, but it also has its own sales campaign called “Night Sale”, which lasts between two and three days.

When is Liverpool's first night sale of 2024?

So, if you are already eagerly awaiting its arrival to buy items that you have been wanting for a long time, then you should know Date and offers of this year's first night sale.

According to what the Mexican company itself revealed, its first season of irresistible offers will arrive during it The last weekend of April.

This is how The first sale night of 2024 will be held from Friday, April 26 to Sunday, April 28 this yearIf there is no change from the store.

The above because Liverpool It seeks that Mexicans looking for a gift for Mother's Day can find it within its extensive catalog and can pamper their mother on that special date of hers.

These are the upgrades Liverpool will get

As it happens in both of them Night salethe company will be offering amazing promotions in almost the entire store, from fashion, accessories, electronics, furniture, home appliances, white goods and many more.

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Although the offers to be unveiled have not been revealed LiverpoolAnd, based on other versions, we can tell you that there can be discounts from 30 to 70 percent in its different departments.

This way you can buy items such as monitors, mattresses, clothes, shoes, cell phones, video games, bags, eyeglasses, jewelry, irons, stoves, refrigerators and blenders at prices much lower than their normal value.

You already know The date and promotions that will be at Liverpool's first night sales of 2024So save these dates to take home what you've always wanted.

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