Sheynnis Palacios is welcomed by the Nicaraguan community in San Francisco

Sheynnis Palacios is welcomed by the Nicaraguan community in San Francisco

Miss Universe 2023, Shenise Palacios, was welcomed in San Francisco, California, on Friday, March 8, by a crowd of Nicaraguans outside Las Tinajas restaurant. The World Queen entered the building where a meeting and greeting was held with the city authorities and well-known figures from the Latin community in this city.

One of the organizations that planned this meeting between the World Queen and the Nicaraguan community in San Francisco is childrenThey explained through their social networks that Palacios' visit will take place in the context of International Women's Day, in appreciation of the struggles of Latin women in that country.

The Nicaraguans were waiting for Chinis to meet her. Photo: Instagram

The meeting between Miss Universe and her audience lasted about an hour, and attendees were able to enter the building to meet, greet, and take pictures with the international beauty.

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Las Tinajas is a food restaurant in Nicaragua known as the place where Sheynnis Palacios and her mother meet when Miss Universe visits her mother.

Get to know the city

On Friday, Chinis Palacios received recognition from Joaquin Torres, an official from the San Francisco Mayor's Office, in recognition of her work on behalf of girls and women in Latin America.

Within a few months of her reign, Miss Universe 2023 was recognized as a successful woman among the women of the region. Bloomberg news platform named Palacios as one of the 50 most influential women in Latin America.

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Photo: Instagram @mizsfnicoya

On his tour of the United States, Palacio visited San Francisco as his first city, and then Miss Universe will arrive in Miami next Tuesday, March 12, at noon, according to sources linked to El Guacalito restaurant, the official sponsor of the event. La Prensa.

On Sunday, March 17, he will conclude his tour by laying a wreath at the monument to poet Rubén Darío in the park of the same name in Sweetwater. Activities may be subject to change due to logistical issues.

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