Livia Brito: This is how she got her amazing character for “La Desalmada” | Pictures

Livia Brito: This is how she got her amazing character for “La Desalmada” |  Pictures

Cuban actress Livia BritoShe is best known for her starring role in the Mexican series “Heartless”She became a favorite of the stars thanks to her talent and beauty.

However, the translator has gone through various physical changes, as she currently flaunts a leaner body thanks to the diet and exercise she does.

How was the physical transformation of the actress?

During her latest TV series, the 35-year-old actress fell in love with the audience by playing Picture of Fernanda Linares, showing the physical transformation he had, because his body is now distinct and well defined.

Although the livia She has always been a very attractive woman with a great body, and currently she boasts of her muscular arms that don’t show any fat, and the same goes for her legs and stomach.

In fact, a star Life line doctors And “lack of control”She shares some of her recipes and routines on her official YouTube channel so that anyone who follows her can try making them.

Plus, through her Instagram stories, the former translator of “La desalmada” also shares a bit of what she eats and how hard it is to maintain a character like the one she’s currently so proud of.

How did it look before?

ten years ago livia Debut as an actress in a telenovela love victory, where she starred in Fernanda Sandoval.

At that time the actress was already very attractive, but her body was completely different, because her muscles were not so noticeable or exercised much, although she was always a beautiful woman.

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However, both with her current body and her former body, Cuban has thousands of fans who praise her for her beauty and talent, because in social networks she always has comments that talk about her wonderful figure and her great physical change.

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