The night Campazzo made his NBA debut again

The night Campazzo made his NBA debut again

And one night he came back Facundo Campazzo. This is the Facu that delighted us during its first season in NBA And that he forced us to stay up until the early hours of the morning to watch a match Denver Nuggets, which was probably unimaginable before the arrival of the Argentine base. one night, Michael Malone He gave him minutes again and Cordofan did not waste them.

With a great first run in Win 124-95 against Portland Trail BlazersAnd Campazzo payroll closed with 13 points (5/9 on field goals and 3/6 on triples), 2 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steal in 22d15 of play. Thus, Facu not only added his best performance of the season, but also The game he’s spent the most time on the court so far has been in 2021/22.

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Denver was effective from the start, against Portland who felt the absence of their great star, Damian Lillardwho was discharged due to injury. In this context, Facu . entered With 2m 17 left to finish the first quarter he made his mark quickly, with 3 points, rebounds and an assist.

The conversation between Damien Lillard and Facundo Campazzo.  AP

The conversation between Damien Lillard and Facundo Campazzo. AP

That good start continued into the first half of the second quarter. Where he was also surprised by an amazing breakthrough, after escaping from coast to coast, which even elicited praise on the official Denver account on social networks.

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In this passage and before leaving the court in the absence of a 4m02 to end the quarter, Facu scored a total of 7 points, a rebound and a assist for the Nuggets, who entered the long run 67-53. Campazzo came back on the field in the fourth quarter and was once again effective in attack and as aggressive as ever in defense. in this part He added three more points, a steal and two assists.

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The cool character of the night -when she wasn’t- Nikola Jokic Who was about to score his triple treble in a row, but ended his account with 29 points, 9 assists and 9 rebounds.

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And so, in a great game in Denver, where both the Fives and Twos put in great performances, the Nuggets They defeated the Trail Blazers, the contender they left in the first round of the qualifiers from last season. In this way, the one that Malone leads They added their fifth win in a row and now the record is 9-4.

Facu’s performance in this game was essential to continue to show that he is at the level of the most important basketball league in the world. remarkably This season, Campazzo came into the rotation and did not add minutes last Friday against the Atlanta Hawks (105-96). In fact, he hasn’t played since Wednesday, In a 101-98 victory over Indiana. On that day he added 7 minutes to enter from the bank.

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Deck did not add minutes

Oklahoma City Thunder Fell at home before Brooklyn Nets Power 120 A 96, in the Eastern Conference game. Gabriel Dick Once again he didn’t add minutes in the team led by Marc Denault.

She was the great personality of the party Kevin Durant , which ended up as Top scorer with 33 points. In addition, he was well supported by Patti Mills, author of 29 more goals. The strength of the Nets was too much for the Texas Series, which was at the center of the Canadian Guard Shai Gilgeous Alexander to his top scorer with 23 wins.

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Sunday results

106- Los Angeles Lakers
100- Carpenter Muhammad
Charlotte Hornets 106 Golden State Warriors 102
Houston Rockets 89-Phoenix Suns 115
Oklahoma City Thunder 96 Brooklyn Nets 120
95- Wellness
Los Angeles Clippers 90 – Chicago Bulls 100

Monday program

Cleveland Cavaliers – Boston Celtics
Detroit Pistons – Sacramento Kings
Washington Wizards – New Orleans Pelicans
Atlanta Hawks – Orlando Magic
New York Knicks – Indiana Pacers
Dallas Mavericks – Denver Nuggets
Memphis Grizzlies – Houston Rockets
Minnesota Timberwolves – Phoenix Suns
Oklahoma City Thunder – Miami Heat
Portland Trail Blazers – Toronto Raptors
Los Angeles Lakers – Chicago Bulls

Positions in the NBA

Positions in the NBA after the November 14, 2021 game.

Positions in the NBA after the November 14, 2021 game.

Positions in the NBA after the November 14, 2021 game.

Positions in the NBA after the November 14, 2021 game.

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