Logically, the first round of the Uruguayan Basketball League ended with leaders and several stubborn men in danger of relegation | newspaper

Logically, the first round of the Uruguayan Basketball League ended with leaders and several stubborn men in danger of relegation |  newspaper

Looks like it’s not finished booting yet, but it’s half done. Orange Sport here is like that. It costs and flies away at the same time. The structure states that teams reach their official debut with a week of joint work. Very few foreigners appear in the rally due to economic problems and basketball players who compete in El Metro join in the last stage of preparation. Without much preparation: to play.

In general, it is said that the TRUE The Uruguayan Basketball League (LUB) starts after the new year. In the near future, it is envisaged to make changes from foreigners and investments that determine the potential of final packaging. 2023 will be another story, but the first wheel left a rag to cut through.

Bigoa finished first with a 9-3 record, although they were far from their full potential and added a small crunch of four straight losses between the domestic championship and the Basketball Americas Champions League. Donald Sims and Victor Roode arrived as the competition got underway and the senior Nationals chips suffered injuries. Diego Cale could not enjoy the full squad. He is still a leader. There is nothing to be given to a two-time champion who stands as a great candidate: those from Villa Biarritz have individuals who lead the championship stats in the key areas of the game: Donald Sims (21.9 points average), Santiago Vidal (7.6 assists average). ) and Luis Santos (average 12.9 rebounds).

Although the table placed him in the third step with a 7-5 record, Hebraica y Macabi was still seen as the main enemy of Pato. Luciano Parodi’s tears delayed the first victory with an alarming start to losing the championship to rivals –a priori– Lowest. With Sandocero on the field, as well as the arrival of Frank Hassell and Adonis Henriquez, he lifted the team. It is a building under construction that is growing rapidly and may end up being a five star hotel.

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The popular teams Goes and Aguada do not have their final lineup and this creates uncertainty about the future. The Missionary, second with an 8-4 record, has played two foreigners so far. It closed with consecutive losses to Nacional, Hebraica and Maccabi, which could speed up the finishing touches in the final make-up. Wait for a gift from Santa Claus. Meanwhile, El Rugiverdy put up a streak of three in a row that pushed him into third place (7-5). He finished the first wheel with a loss to Bigoa. Between their participation in the South American League and the replacement of import teams, they were a regular team at the airport. If you want to go for the big things, you have to prove yourself. She has things.

Trouville and Larry Burgess were the big positive surprises in the first round. In addition to delighting their fans with their massive campaigns, they also caused a barbaric commotion on the bottom. Although they were definitely not spared, they had made giant strides. the Reds from Pocitos with a 7-5 record; Marcelo Signorelli scaffolded well with Dwayne Davis as the catcher, but mainly with plenty of running backs pitchers capitalizing where they are: Santiago Fernandez and Pablo Gomez took steps forward. It is the team that gives the most participation to the 23 sub-chips.

La Unión Network is a known miracle. In pencas he is always a candidate for last place. Although the pandemic is over, he continues to distribute face masks in neighborhoods. Matias Nieto led a group that showed very good basketball without having great personalities. They are a team with clear ambition about the challenge and have arrived early at the start. From there he took advantage of several nights’ reasoning break. Finished with a neutral record: 6-6. The new challenge is to maintain itself, in the face of the imminent growth of those pushing from below.

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Although they have other aspirations, Nacional and Malvin share Larry’s move. His campaigns yet? abnormal. With a few things to highlight. The bag, in the middle, changed the coach: Alvaro Ponce reached Gonzalo Fernandez.

Downstairs there is anxiety and a ghost that frightens the old people who thought they had overcome that fear. Olympia, Defensor Sporting and Urban finished with a record of 4-8 and, for the time being, narrowly escaped.

Urunday Universitario is a huge disappointment in the first round. It’s been rearmed to incorporate it on top, but it falls far short of expectations. Comes from his save in the previous season’s tiebreaker.

Close the Peñarol table. The coal burner should be on the field in third place, but removing the five points he pulled from last season keeps him at bay. It is below the pool of competitors it has to reach. Victories in the finale against Olympia and Urundai in the palace became pure gold. Logic shows he has the ability to get out of the uncomfortable zone, but he’s spent half the tournament staying bottom, which is worrying at least.

At the end of the matches, the last two go down. In the event of a tie, one match is decided. play the rest qualifiers.

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