Querétaro vs. Pachuca 3-1; Gallo remains undefeated at home

Querétaro vs.  Pachuca 3-1;  Gallo remains undefeated at home

Queretaro He used his strength to return to victory at Guard1anes 2021, in Corrector Defeat not known, he got Pachuca What it costs him to start the tournament and He beat it 3-1.

In a duel where Tuzos had arrived, but that was the goalkeeper’s character, The Alcala Generation Preventing them from scoring Bella Aerosa goals He suffered a third defeat in 2021, Which flashes red lights in the box Paulo Pizzolano.

Los Gallos, who conceded his first goal at home, They came from being beaten 4-1 by Cruz AzulAnd at home they were able to overcome and They reached 9 points in the tournamentAnd it’s a great start for those who lead them Hector Altamirano.

The match started moving, first a shot from Victor Guzman to Pachuca and in the 3rd minute, Fernando Madrigal sent a high ball.

The plays were rising from danger and in the 17th minute, Francisco da Costa headed home and was stopped by Oscar Ostari to continue to lead with a score of 0-0. It was 25 minutes when the recording opened. Rambunctious He got a pass from Sepulveda Angel And he switched it from the right to send her to save it and make it 1-0.

Pachuca barely settled down and got a second when Antonio Valencia made it 2-0 in the 29th minute. Take advantage of an error in the output Emmanuel Garcia, Took the ball and knocked it out at Ustari’s exit to start his Liga MX career.

Guzmán tried again at 40 minutes, and Erick Sánchez at 43, both to no avail. Whoever did that was Kevin Ramirez in the 57th minute, and made it 3-0 Scoring from the left on a pass from Kevin Escamela.

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Already with a win against, Tuzos searched for the goal. Kevin Alvarez hit the crossbar in the 62nd minute, and Roberto de la Rosa headed a good cross in the 65th minute.

Then Alcala saved a superb save when, in the 70th minute, he fired a shot in Pocho Guzmán and in the corner a header to Matías Catalán.

This was until the year 80 when Tuzos received this honor Felipe Bardot Send a center to the converted area Hugo Magellan For his goal he left the final score 3-1.

Things are not good for Pachuca, who did not win, and Gallus’ dream was to lead the tournament.

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