Lorena Gomez exhibition at the Espacio Seville factory

Lorena Gomez exhibition at the Espacio Seville factory

The exhibition “Yellow Karma” by Lorena Gomez brings together 10 works with Mexican and African influences with women as protagonists.

The Espacio Sevilla Factory, an area dedicated to culture, art and inspiration, opens the “Karma is Yellow” Lorena Gomez exhibition.

In this one-of-a-kind space in the facilities of the Dos Hermanas Shopping Center, artists display their work so that everyone who comes to the Sevilla Factory can enjoy and enjoy it.

On this occasion, artist Lorena Gomez presents her exhibition “Yellow Vine” full of energy and feeling.

Exhibition “Yellow Vine”

Lorena Gomez is a Ronda-born lawyer and illustrator. Since she was young she has had a passion for culture and art, and she started in the world of painting in 2015.

Through his social networks, he seeks to attract an audience full of energy inspired by his work. He also has a tourist apartment in Ronda known as “Apartment Ronda Gallery” through which he displays a large part of his work on a permanent basis. Thus, your guests can enjoy a unique experience during their stay.

His exhibition “Yellow Vine” consists of 10 pieces made with acrylic technique. His painting seeks to break out of the ordinary and transcend the limits of imagination to convey different feelings and emotions in the combination of colors.

Influenced by Mexican culture, it also reflects the magical realism of Africa with ethnic and cultural touches that represent women as the protagonist in most of her paintings.

The exhibition “Karma is Yellow” can be visited absolutely free of charge at the Espacio Sevilla factory every day the shopping center is open.

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Additionally, if anyone is interested in acquiring any of the paintings in the gallery, they can contact the author, Lorena Gómez, directly.

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