Los Angeles basketball favorably appreciates the bill making the sport professional

Los Angeles basketball favorably appreciates the bill making the sport professional

Sports Under Basketball is looking to bounce the ball in Los Angeles, along with the drive to materialize various projects in the past sports class, such as the awarding of land in the Paillihue Strip to build a new gymnasium and the opening of a renovated, nationally accredited school of governance.

Despite the sports hiatus a year ago, the good news has been in basketball since the House of Representatives recently approved by a majority of 128 votes, with no one against and one abstaining, on the bill that recognizes the existence of a professional basketball player in Chile.

The initiative, led by Representative Marcus Ilabaca (PS), seeks to amend the labor law to regulate contractual relations between athletes and clubs, besides, the existence of contracts and the consequent payment of salaries, contributions and rights in relation to social security.

This idea arose in 2019 in a conversation between parliamentarian Ilabaca and the National Basketball Association (ASJUP), at that time represented by the player and Vice President Gerardo Isla.

Domestically, Miguel Molina, President of the Puebio Basketball Association, noted this progress in discipline, explaining, “This is amazing for our sport. We have experience here in Los Angeles regarding players who have had to perform at a professional level, like Jonathan Alvear.” Miguel Angel Molina, Marcelo Villagran and others, who often had to find irregular contracts and even word-of-mouth contracts in some cases, did not receive the corresponding salary and paid them outside the deadlines. Thanks to this law, players will be respected and protected in the implementation of their contracts, Like any worker. “

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In this context, the initiative will be only one step away from being realized, as the bill has been submitted to the Senate and needs simple majority approval. Once this is achieved, it will be published and published in the Official Gazette and will become law.

A new sports space

“We have formally submitted a request to the Los Angeles municipality through lobby law, to have a meeting with the highest community authority. In this way, we want to require that the new land that we were given to build a gymnasium is managed by them, given that we as a league Basketball Biobío, we do not have enough funds to build this infrastructure since we are a non-profit entity. Profit, ”stated Miguel Molina of the Biobío Basketball Association Presidency.

The leader also explained that the meeting will have to wait for the new municipal elections to be held in the provincial capital, Peobio, to work on this long-term project.

As detailed by the manager, building the gym would not imply greater expenses in its structure, as it would be of a specially adapted shed for this purpose. What means a greater investment in this context is building the court with its hoops, electronic boards, galleries and dressing rooms.

Long term return

The local basketball senior management from the office organizes the return to the stadiums with all those responsible for the teams participating in the Biobío Basketball League. In order to prepare when the government’s step-by-step plan allows for team sports.

“We want everything to be ready for the return of this great competition, confirm the participating teams and talk to all the leaders. There is work to do, reserve gym hours, and of course make up for lost time. We have faith that the vaccination will be successful and in three or four months we will be.” We are able to meet again with the sport we are passionate about, “as identified by the Los Angeles Basket Weaving Association.

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