Love Is in the Air 2: What Happened at the Beginning of Sen Cal Kapimi Season 2 | Turkish series | Fame

Love Is in the Air 2: What Happened at the Beginning of Sen Cal Kapimi Season 2 |  Turkish series |  Fame

season one of “What will happen to Serkan after he is diagnosed with a brain tumor? What will Eda do when she discovers the illness of her loved ones? The answers will appear in the new chapters of the second season of the Turkish series that is broadcast exclusively on Signal Theology.

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The end of the first part of , the original title of the novel, showed us Ida and Serkan Polat living happily in a truck. They found a simple life, without any luxury. The businessman wanted to enjoy life to the fullest without thinking about his illness. It was a wonderful moment for the heroines until the young florist found out the medical report of her boyfriend, in which the tumor was revealed.

Meanwhile, the It started with a five-year leap from the last time Ida and Serkan saw each other. At the moment it is not known what happened after the florist found out the truth, but the truth is that what seemed like eternal love ended and each one started from scratch on his part.

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The second batch began on August 9 exclusively with the Sign of Divinity (Photo: MF Yapım)

This is how the second season of ‘Love in the Air’ began.

Five years have passed since the main couple saw each other for the last time in the van where they lived happily far from everyone until Ida discovered the disease that was circulating I hid it. Each made a decision to go on with their lives in their own separate way; However, they did not imagine that life would end by bringing them together in a new project. A hotel overhaul sparks an expected reunion.

Eda and Serkan meet again, but the young woman will soon realize that approaching the businessman may again complicate her life. In addition, now she keeps a big secret: her daughter, evangelism. Ida will lose the fear of being discovered and will do everything she can to hide and keep her away from her boyfriend.

However, Eda’s efforts will be in vain Little Kiraz meets Serkan, who is about to run over her When he comes out of the woods where he was picking blackberries.

The first meeting with the businessman remembers well how his mother was with him. Like Ida, Kiraz pushed him to the limits, but had no choice but to surrender to the five-year-old’s only personality. What the businessman does not know is that the little girl could be his daughter. What will happen now?

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Kiraz's first meeting with Serkan (Photo: MF Yapım)
Kiraz’s first meeting with Serkan (Photo: MF Yapım)

What will happen in the second season of “Love is in the Air”?

The path taken by the main couple is uncertain. After several years, Eda and Serkan are no longer together. They have a girl in common that the businessman still doesn’t know, at least it seems so. In the clip, I heard the little girl say: “Mother? Is this man my father?”.

There is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen, new chapters will have to explain what happened all those years. In addition to confirming whether the girl in the photos is Serkan, and if he knows her. Another big question that needs to be answered is the hero’s illness. As he recalled, in the previous season it was revealed that he had a tumor.

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How many seasons will the new season have?

A few months ago, when the renovation For another season, it was announced It will contain 13 episodes, which will end broadcasting in September. Although, at the moment, it is not known whether it will be renewed again or whether it will be these last chapters that will close the story.

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