Espacio 2040 denounces “dirty smear campaign”

Espacio 2040 denounces “dirty smear campaign”

Espacio 2040 issued a statement with a different version of the situation, defending Casaravilla’s work and referring to the General Manager of Finance at Canelones City Hall, accountant Laura Tabárez.

In the text, the sector endorsed its support for Senator Andrade, who they see as the target of a “dirty and unpunished smear campaign.” Likewise, it expresses its “acknowledgment and support from the personal, professional and political point of view of accountant Germane Casaravella, who has achieved more than the set goals of the Tax Agency in the Canary Islands and during all these 17 years of the Amplio Front government in Canillon”. Similarly, it is asserted that “the accountant Casaravella has an impeccable professional career, having been, among other positions, the accountant general of Canelones Intendancy in the first and third departments of the Amplio Front of the Superintendents Marcos Carámbula and Yamandú Orsi, respectively.” According to the authors of the letter, the official “at no time departed from the assumptions that govern behavior in the public service, nor from the moral principles that govern our political power.”

In this sense it is noted that “the process of settling the estate contribution to Senator Andred’s register, without giving him any kind of facility which was not covered by the decisions in force in the intent, as it was assigned its duties. As he does on a daily basis with the many registers of the canary’s neighbours.” Next, the consignment is traced A different development of events than that which occurred on Monday.” When the Director of Finance questioned his loyalty and professionalism, for not mentioning this department, the Mayor of Canillon was asked to hold a meeting to submit his resignation to the Canary Islands Tax Authority, after he received no response. After that, The roles are being removed without prior notice from the tax department’s computer systems. Later, on Monday, “The Mayor of Canillon called Casaravella by phone to inform him that he would accept his resignation, which was submitted over a matter of mistrust by the Director of Finance, Kra. Laura Tabarez”.

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The Espacio 2040 account adds that “minutes later, journalists from El Observador called the colleague to explain to them his ‘version of events.’ At that moment we learned that the mayor had sacked the president for irregularities that had not existed before. Finally, the sector concludes that ‘Comrade Casaravella was exposed to the opinion. general, and distorted the facts” and that “after false statements were leaked to the press, due process was not complied with.” For all of the above, they understand that “it is necessary to clarify whether those reports to the press, both of which are from the debts of Andrade’s contribution and the alleged dismissal of Comrade Casaravella, They may have come from Canelones Intendancy” and, if so, “The Endings”.

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