Luis Garcia declares his love and fondness for America, it’s no joke!

Luis Garcia declares his love and fondness for America, it’s no joke!

Today, it may not be anymore, but a few decades ago, Luis Garcia I felt something special for him AmericaIn particular, the eagles of the eighties.

In a live broadcast he did on TikTok, the ex-footballer who came out of Pumas, admitted that when he arrived at the team kuabaHe fulfilled one of his dreams.

That America in the 80s won it all, this love and hate for the team was a turning point at the time. When I was able to fulfill my dream of playing in America “It was great, fantastic, I was very happy during the two years I was there,” said the former striker.

“I insist, I fulfilled my dream of playing in America Because I was American and had a great time with the excellent coaches, directors and colleagues,” added who was a member of mexican national teamAtletico Madrid, among others.

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Garcia Postigo He admits that Televisa was part of the kind of love he grew up in, when he saw feathers in their golden age.

“My stage America it was amazing. As a kid, I was American because I started watching football in the ’80s, I was 10 or 11, and I saw them on Televisa because they only went to America. Unlike now where many games are broadcast, it was not like that back then.” confirmed.

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