Luis Miguel suffered a spectacular fall on stage at his concert in CDMX.

Luis Miguel suffered a spectacular fall on stage at his concert in CDMX.

Luis Miguel Located in Mexico City Presenting a series of concerts as part of his international tour, which will expand to several cities America and Spain After crossing Mexico.

During the fifth concert featuring ‘Soul’ in Mexico City ArenaLuis Miguel lived through an embarrassing moment that inevitably went viral.

While he was busy making some changes as part of his choreography, ‘Sol de Mexico’ lost its base And ended up showing the bottom of his shoes to the public.

The moment was caught on video and is now going viral, so last night’s presentation is soon to follow It became a trendBecause no one wants to miss the moment Lewismi crashes.

Dance, performance and all: Luismi’s concert this Saturday

last night Saturday, November 25Luis Miguel received applause from the public at the end of his performance, singer 53 years He tried to perform one of his iconic stage moves, on this occasion, taking him to the floor of the stage.

A scene of disaster ensued Concerns of participants The show, till then, went without a hitch.

Luis Miguel dances, sings and sometimes loses his mind.Instagram

Luis Miguel knows how to land on his feet

Although the moment caused scandal and uproar among those present, Luis Miguel He knows how to hide and escape Shame on you.

Despite the incident, the singer kept his composure and lay down on the floor as part of his carefully planned performance. Subsequently, The stage lights went outMarking the end of the concert.

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What’s next for Luismi and his fans at CDMX?

Last November 20th, Luis Miguel started Concert series The singer is planning to stay in Mexico City. Seven concerts on the agenda and all ‘sold out’, opened another date to perform at the Luis Miguel Arena Ciudad de Mexico, which was also sold out. There will be a new date December 20. After his dates in CDMX, Luis Miguel will depart MontereyYou can continue your tour across the country.

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