Paparazzi exposes Jennifer Lopez’s legs, without filters or stockings, all to show off her cellulite

Paparazzi exposes Jennifer Lopez’s legs, without filters or stockings, all to show off her cellulite

Jennifer Lopez He walked through Santa Monica with his son Max and Emmy. Ben Affleck’s singer and current girlfriend are moving to Los Angeles so that this famous city can become his permanent home, for now. For four years his life grew between Miami and New York. Being a Florida city, its yield is high during epidemics. Singer and actress Alex Rodriguez lived there, and this is said to be the situation where Rod was unfaithful, countless times.

Leaving the betrayal behind, he is now very happy with his much-loved Ben Affleck. The paparazzi grabbed her in plain clothes, but highlighted her bare legs with the intention of showing off her cellulite. It should also be noted that JLo is 51 years old and one of the most loved women in the world, but like the others, “Diva of the Bronx”, she also has to deal with this type of fat accumulation on her skin. Many Latin people suffer from this disease, and fat accumulates in the hips, legs and abdomen.

Jennifer Lopez went out for a walk with Emme and the photographers exposed their legs. / Crosby Team

In other news, Ben is known to have been inspired by his girlfriend, so he continues to practice his Spanish. JLo sings mostly in Spanish, although although he is not completely bilingual, he expresses himself very fluently. On the other hand, she is not the only woman in Penn’s life who can speak it: his daughter Violet, the eldest of three children he has with his ex – wife Jennifer Corner, has transcended his father’s status by studying Spanish.

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“I want to know. I always learn, but very difficult. P ** se language, it drives me crazy,” he confessed to the paparazzi who approached him as he walked down the street, and laughed heartily when he asked. ‘When?’ Commenting on a song by his girlfriend shows that he understands what they are saying.

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