Luis Parra Alliance calls for building meeting space

Luis Parra Alliance calls for building meeting space

The Venezuelan Democratic Alliance, led by Luis Parra, on Tuesday urged the country’s political organizations to build a meeting space for citizens “who aspire to change in the nation.”

Parra called for citizen participation in the struggle to “express Venezuelan sovereignty with pluralism, transcendence, loyalty and will in regional and local elections.”

Likewise, he stressed the importance of bringing citizens closer to the tasks of sharing, deliberating, and meeting with Venezuelan institutions.

He said that “the measures will be part of the solutions for the good of the nation, provided that the national constitution is a guide and a basic frame of reference, and it bears the responsibility to be part of the proposals.”

He added, “As a parliamentary bloc of the Democratic Alliance in the National Assembly, it is your responsibility to take up the mandate that the people gave with their votes in the legislative elections last December with respect and a sense of history.”

The MP added that his group will promote a parliamentary agenda. “An agenda that makes people their needs and their focus,” he said.

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