Luján is facing a major process of transformation in its public space

Luján is facing a major process of transformation in its public space

Aerial View – Restoration of Ribera Park and Ferry Park

Render Parco de la RiberaThe Mayor of Logan, Sebastian Braganolo On Tuesday, the second phase of the building of Police Station 11 was presented, to begin the most important program in the modern history of the department, to be implemented in The period 2021-2023, Id k The ‘public space revolution’. Governor Rodolfo Suarez participated in the event and the work began on the new police station.

This morning – in the framework of an action organized in the vicinity where the new 11th police station is being constructed (St. Martin Street, in front of Logan Sports Club Square) – President of the Logan Community, accompanied by Governor Rodolfo Suarez, presented this historic plan that will create more than a thousand direct and indirect jobs directly. Specifically, more than just a presentation, it was an official launch, as this operational hub has been in the pipeline since the start of this year.

“We are talking about 800,000 square meters of public space that has been restored to the delight of Mendoza’s neighbors and residents. With this transformation, the area of ​​each Lujanino will move from 3.7 square meters per inhabitant, to 10.5 square meters at the end of this year, ”said Mayor Sebastian Braganolo.“ Despite the health emergency and all the difficulties we know, with our own resources and equipment, we do not stop. Never work and we know that together we will make Logan the best place to live in Mendoza. ”

The municipality, in one of the most powerful businesses of the past decades, relocated the Pago Logan neighborhoods and began planning for the Ribera Logan project, which for the administration means potential improvement in the urban and security areas; As well as the emergence of opportunities for commercial, entertainment and tourism activities. Following this line, and in accordance with Logan’s tradition of searching for a blueprint that improves the urban environment, the government plan has been formulated addressing 6 main axes and containing 3 axes that positively and directly affect the department’s urban sphere: from public space, and sustainable Luján And “Inclusive Municipality and Creator of Opportunities”.

Within the framework of these priority goals, a robust provincial-level operation has been implemented aiming at establishing and strengthening public roads, by contributing to improving the quality of life of the population, through a major renewal of urban green spaces, opening new bicycle lanes and streets, building sports infrastructure, strengthening Identity and tourist offer.

Among the most transcendent projects currently in development – which will undoubtedly be a distinct fact in Luján’s new image – stands out. Ribera Park, The Humberto Ferry Estate, Las Plazas de las Rosas, new Walkway stations And Linear Park on Chile Street, which it will be linked with Bicisendas networks. The latter includes bike lanes through Sáenz Peña and San Martín de Ciudad streets, health meeting points, LED lighting and children’s games, among others.

This renewal process of the Administrative City, which began with the establishment of the Green Center and Green Points, will be completed in all regions; New sporty beaches. New sports centers in Carrodilla and Perdriel; Water and sanitation works; Urban renewal of Perdrill del Norte; Restoration of public places in the southern region; Building new yards. Placement of LED lights in all areas of Luján city center; Modernization of Route 82, and conclusion without mentioning the planned small businesses, regeneration of important arteries such as Terada and Boydo.

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The Government plan From the current municipal administration Designed collaboratively With neighbors, listen to proposals that you can contribute to ideas. The result of this expression is setting 400 projects are organized in 35 programs, Which form 6 axons with an unambiguous goalTransforming Luján de Cuyo into the best place to live in Mendoza.

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