LUMA Energy is asking for a 4 cents increase in your electric bill from April to June

LUMA Energy is asking for a 4 cents increase in your electric bill from April to June

On behalf of the Electric Power Authority (AEE), the consortium Loma Energy I ordered today Tuesday to Puerto Rico Energy Office a An increase of 4,265 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) or 16.6% in the electricity bill of its residential customers for the second quarter of 2022.

Now, the application will be evaluated by the independent regulator and, if approved, the increase will become effective on April 1 and will be in effect until June 30. This will be the sixth consecutive quarterly increase in the electricity bill.

For a residential customer consuming 400 (kWh) per month, the increase will be from $102.85 to $119.91, i.e., Extra $17.06 Monthly between April and June. The kilowatt-hour cost will rise from 25.71 to 29.97 cents.

A small commercial or industrial customer, using 1,200 kWh per month, will see an increase from $343.61 to $394.78 (an additional $51.17). In the case of the average commercial or industrial customer, with a consumption of 91,800 kWh per month, the increase would be from $2,4457.03 to $2,8371.39 (an additional $3,914.36). For a large commercial or industrial customer, using 550,800 kWh per month, the increase would be $140,314.99 to $163,801.11 (an additional $23,486.12).

LUMA asked for a raise through movement -Of any new day Got a copy – uploaded this afternoon to the Energy Bureau.

Then, through a press release, the consortium referred to the documents it had submitted to the independent regulatory entity “Highlighting the significant impact that international events have on the cost of fuel to generate electricity.”

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In addition, LUMA has proven to neither generate energy nor establish or benefit from increased fuel prices. “These prices are determined by the international markets that are still affected by the epidemic (from COVID-19) and global production outages, and the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

“While we cannot control how these international events affect customer prices, we are committed to assisting and encouraging our customers to contact us about LUMA payment plans or the variety of financial assistance programs available,” he said. Wayne StinsbyPresident and CEO of the coalition.

By law, the Energy Bureau has the final say on any aspect of the tariff. Every three months, the independent regulator reviews the fuel and energy purchase factors and, depending on the reported expenses and income, subscribers are charged or compensated.

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