Motagua announces he will sign a top-level coach to replace Diego Vazquez and they explain why Amadou Guevara is left out

Motagua announces he will sign a top-level coach to replace Diego Vazquez and they explain why Amadou Guevara is left out


motagua Don’t stop searching to find the perfect replacement for Diego Martin Vazquez Which, after an eight-year operation, was Launched in this tournament Clausura 2022 Because of her failure in the Champions League and the erosion of her relationship with the fans.

One of the club’s senior managers and a member of selection committee, Javier AtalaAnd the On Tuesday he spoke about the institution’s future as he says he has offices filled with resumes of international coaches he has sent out by agents.

Atala He explains that they are looking for someone from abroad who has a good reputation in football and they explain that Beloved Guevara It is not an option at this time due to the issue of wolf migration in the United States.

The Interview

Nene Obando has had an internship and they are looking for a coach, but they are still looking for him and even mentioned Amado Guevara.

We give “Chance” to Obando, he has three matches with one win and two losses; We’re analyzing to bring someone else for the next tournament, but we want to leave Nene in the team, that’s what we’re talking about and at the moment we’re looking to change that because we’ve had two defeats in a row and that was something we haven’t seen in days at Motagua.

People get emotional when they listen to Amado Guevara.

Amadou has a residency problem and cannot leave (the United States). He’s getting US citizenship and he has to be here for a while so he can leave, I don’t know when it expires but when he tells us we’ll have to find out why that might be.

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Is it a great limitation not to come?

He should stay in the US and that’s what we’ve been talking about or told about.

Looking for a high-level technician?

If we don’t stay with the current coach, it’s because the idea is to bring in someone of high stature. We have spoken (in guidance) that we must follow (the path) of what we have been reaping. Diego (Vazquez) took his time, did a good job, kept us fighting for the top spots and we have to keep going the same way because we are used to fighting for championships. You have to find the right people to achieve your goals.

I imagine I got many CVs?

We have a full office, but the idea is to bring in a high-ranking person.

In Costa Rica they mention that Walter Centeno might come, have they heard his voice?

I don’t know the names, but we’re looking. At the moment we support Nene because he is a good coach, he has a future and the responsibility of Motagua is high and we are looking for the best formula for someone who can handle this pressure because when we lose the match, a lot of pressure comes from the media, the fans and from the managers themselves.

Are you satisfied with the level of current foreigners in Motagua?

You have to give them a chance, they have little time, they haven’t played for long minutes and there is always an adaptation when they come from abroad, we are waiting for that, but I see a future for them.

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