Lupillo Rivera reacts to the controversial words dedicated to him by his brother Juan

Lupillo Rivera reacts to the controversial words dedicated to him by his brother Juan

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Lobelo Rivera He could not remain silent after his brother Juan devoted extensive paragraphs to him in a post he uploaded to his website Instagram accountwhere he stated, among other things, that the singer had caused him a lot of harm.

“I’ve always wanted to have a relationship like that of close siblings, but that was never possible. It’s going to be our responsibilities, our marriages, our personalities and/or our differences. I don’t know, but that’s how it was. I don’t blame Lupe, I failed either, but that’s the truth.” Our relationship. I only know that in this life there is no one who has hurt me, abused me, or hit me more than Lupe,” were some powerful phrases he made John Rivera about his estranged brother.

Lubelo choose reply Through the same platform for his younger brother. In the comments section he left his feelings.

“Don’t worry physically… With God, you’ll do well… Being close to family doesn’t make you a better person Being away from family doesn’t make you a bad person either, they are things of life. We all have our family to protect, even from the same brother. Bless May God be with you and your family, and may God forgive us Everyone for our mistakes. Try it!”

Netizens were quick to respond to Lobello’s response. “That’s why I like you Lupe, I installed it. That’s right, the two will work fine as long as they go hand in hand with God”, ‘I love you, Lupillo. Everyone gives and wants what’s in their hearts and you are a clear example. Keep it up’ and “lupilloriveraofficial so they talk. You chingonada,” were some of the comments.

who also responded to Juan Rivera’s words for Lupillowas his sister Rosie, who, like Juan, was far from “El toro del corrido”.

“Man, this (post) hurts and helps at the same time. The truth sets us free even when it hurts. I know you love it. Even now. Under all the feelings on both sides, I know there’s love. Maybe that’s the hope I keep.” Love, I know you’ve done everything in your power for this relationship and for that I admire and respect you. I will always love Lupe. Thank you for being so brave in doing this. I’m glad people can see your heart,” was the comment left by the youngest Rivera brothers.

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