Whatsapp Tricks 2022 | Whatsapp Plus 2022: Discover 9 new features available | WhatsApp Internet and PC | Trends

Whatsapp Tricks 2022 |  Whatsapp Plus 2022: Discover 9 new features available |  WhatsApp Internet and PC |  Trends

Attention. Application It will have new functions and tricks in 2022, and it already keeps millions of users up to date because the information leaked by WaBetaInfo caused a great stir in the internet world.

In the coming weeks, these new features and tricks will be available worldwide on WhatsApp We will tell you how you can enjoy it from beginning to end.

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Emoticons to react to WhatsApp

Despite this option on Messenger and Instagram, WhatsApp now enables feedback on every message sent to you via Android, App Store and PC.

As with other applications you have to press the message you want to act on so that the emoticons appear.

Communities on WhatsApp

In this new WhatsApp update, communities can be created within groups, i.e. members can create different channels on different topics like the Discord channel.

Determine who can see your WhatsApp status

Although WhatsApp allows you to ‘block’ certain states for your contacts, now the privacy function allows you to choose which contacts will not view your stories.

Team administrators can delete messages from others

Eye there. Today, each user can delete their own messages, although now group administrators can delete messages from other members so that they have more control over each other.

Additionally, in the chat, it will appear “Deleted by admin” and everyone will know that the admin deleted the message.

Share the same photo or video at the same time in the chat

Sharing photos and videos in different chats is not a waste of time because WhatsApp developers share pictures or multimedia files simultaneously in certain conversations and their status.

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New interface for voice calls

The last to come on WhatsApp will be the new interface for voice calls. Also, when information is leaked, developers find people adding voice notes to team call participants.

Contact Info Search Shortcut

WhatsApp will add a search area next to the video call info area, which will generate a search summary in the area called ‘Contact Info’. It also works to detect messages you have sent or received through this process.

WhatsApp Web receives two-step verification

On the web and mobile versions of WhatsApp, the verification option is available Two steps; This will act as an option to protect your account.

It is important to note that the pin code checks two different steps with the six digit code we receive via SMS or call.

New animated emojis

Like Facebook and Messenger, WhatsApp enables you to send animated emojis to all your contacts on Android and iPhone.

The only emoji with this effect is currently Red Heart, which indicates that the WABetaInfo site will add many more.

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