Macarola: The state subsidizes 130 pesos for each passenger using OMSA

Macarola: The state subsidizes 130 pesos for each passenger using OMSA

Each citizen uses units Metropolitan Bus Service Office (OMSA) To move, the Dominican government must Support 130 pesos.

This information was revealed by the Minister of the Presidency, Lisandro Macarola, after a session with the President of OMSA, Radamis Gonzalez, which was held at the National Palace.

According to information released by the meeting, The state allocates the aforementioned amount No matter which path users take, which for Macarrulla Untenable.

In the press document, it was specified that the investment “does not correspond to the quality of service and costs compared to the new lanes, and these funds can be used for more productive projects for the community.”

However, they add that their goal is to abide by the law and Maintaining OMSA as a government companybut managed “efficiently and transparently” to ensure economic and social stability, both for users and drivers.

“OMSA will operate different corridors, and use of corridors will be transferred, but it must provide a high-quality service at a cost in order for the state to compete with the efficiency of the private brokers that operate trusts by existing operators,” said Macarrulla.

Support reduction

He also explained that the State Administration headed by President Luis Abenader has achieved a Discount of 40 pesos less per passenger of this mass transit system.

“The current management indicators show the range of improvements that this government has implemented in OMSA, with the subsidy reduced from 170 pesos per passenger in 2020 and 2021 to 130 pesos in the administration of the Luis Abenader government,” Macarola explained.

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At the meeting between Macarrulla and González, the operational progress made at OMSA, as part of the Master Plan for Transportation and Mobility Transformation.

The Minister of the Presidency, Lisandro Macarola, and the Director of the Metropolitan Office of Bus Services (OMSA), Radamis Gonzalez, held a working meeting with the aim of evaluating the operational progress that has been made in that body, as part of the Master Plan for the Transformation of Transport and Mobility.

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