Malik Monk, the boy with the arm that's not tattooed because it's “just for baskets.”

Malik Monk, the boy with the arm that's not tattooed because it's “just for baskets.”

toYou Tattoos are a cultural icon in the NBA. They carry emblems of life, remembrance or charismatic meanings. Malik Monk, the Sacramento Kings' outside linebacker, carries them in just one arm. The other says no. This is just for scoring baskets. With this cover letter the best alternative lands From the NBA, after passing (well) through the Los Angeles Lakers, he became one of the keys to the highly competitive Sacramento Kings team. And against the Memphis Grizzlies, he controlled the game strongly.

A match in which the Kings (121-111) defeated the good Santi Aldama (14 points and 9 rebounds). But when the game entered the hot zone, Monk accelerated. 12 points without fail in the final moments, cementing his place among the best scorers in the final minutes. He finished with 28+6+6… This is an alternative. The best, actually. No one scores that much from the bench.

The monk, the boy who only has a tattoo on one arm, He scored 15.9 points and also contributed 5.3 assists and 2.2 three-pointers per game. Any NBA player has these records on the bench He won the Sixth Man Award. If it continues like this and Sacramento certifies the playoffs (it's 6th, the last straight ticket)… there won't be much doubt.

Monk, warming up.

Because it has proven itself to be the best in this field. In fact, there are a few players lately who are regularly in 20+5+5. Monk has played eight games, with the next remaining at three. Since 1993 with Detlef Schrempf, another of the big players on the bench, no one could do that. The monk is at this height.

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“He's a fun kid. You just have to get the ball in his hands. “He'll create his own space, and he knows how to generate with block as well and that was important,” coach Mike Brown said. Malik is the modern boy. Nobody plays like him from the bench.

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