Maluma’s decision that changed his career forever

Maluma’s decision that changed his career forever

(CNN Español) – Juan Luis, Maluma Pepe, Pape Guancho. Whatever your family, your famous friends, on social media or your fans, are calling you. Maluma is the 27-year-old Colombian boy behind the character, whose face one day depicted on Time Square billboards and another day sung to two million people in that fabled corner of New York.

Maluma, who recorded his first song thanks to a demo given to him by his aunt on his birthday, and the same person who said “no” to a childhood friend with whom he would form a duet to become famous, to the simple fact of being late for the first recording.

I told him ‘I love you so much, thank you so much for motivating me to be here. But I have codes and one of them is discipline, and I arrived late. This indicates that we will not have a good life or a dual career. So, thank you very much, I will continue on my way. And that’s where I continued,” the Colombian artist recalls.

Maluma: If they shoot me with hate, I respond with love 1:34

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