Manchester City beat United to win the top goals derby

Manchester City beat United to win the top goals derby

City of Manchester had to work and I was able to change the result to defeat Manchester United 27th day of the Premier League match in Derby.

Guardiola's side couldn't let the points slip away. Liverpool beat Nottingham on the hour with four points between them. With this context, The game did not start well.

In eight minutes, England's Marcus Rashford He was responsible for making it 1-0 with a goal. He finished with authority, beating Ederson first with his right foot. The ball hit the crossbar and went in, the Brazilian unable to stop.

After the goal, City kept their composure and controlled the game, although United threatened on the counter-attack. Strangely, the Citizens did not have an end goal when facing Onana, which delayed the celebrations at the Etihad.

The clears of that first half were in charge of Foden and Holland. First, Phil missed a one-on-one against Onana. As the first half drew to a close, Android wasted a goal that was hard to explain: Down on goal, unmarked, he sent his shot over the crossbar.

The second phase continued in a similar vein, with a dominant City and ten Hawk group dropping back, hoping to capitalize on the pace of their wingers. The Citizens made it 1-1 with another fine goal in style from Rashford, but this time it was converted by Foden, who got his revenge after one miss.

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The Englishman sealed the partial tie with a hellish left foot that planted into the top right corner. Onana and presided over the return.

The score fell to 2-1 in the final play of the game. Julian Alvarez came in to renew the attackAnd Foden was again in charge of helping to break down Onana's networksThis method is more subtle and with a cross definition, less and within the area.

Already beaten after the second goal, the Red Devils couldn't find a way to equalize and the icing on the cake came when extra time was played. Amrabat lost a ball close to his own area Haaland made up for his missed goal. He scored with his left foot, tricking the Cameroonian into celebrating his deserved goal.

With the result, City reached 62 points and were one behind Liverpool in the Premier League final, which would have been heart-stopping.

These are the goals of the derby between Manchester City and Manchester United

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