The return of LeBron James brought problems for the lockers

The return of LeBron James brought problems for the lockers

Angels Lockers They didn’t get off to a great start LeBron James He finally returned to the lineup on Friday after missing 20 league games. NBA.

This is not a good performance by any means Lockers, The team lost the lead by 10 points in the fourth quarter. James had 16 points Anthony Davis Y Andre Drummond They made 22 and 17, respectively.

According to Fox Sports’ Melissa Rohlin, head coach Frank Vogel expressed his displeasure after the game, especially with the big three:

“Frank Vogel said he was very disappointed in the loss and said that LeBron-Adi-Drummond had no time and place, but he was pleased with the possibilities of what they could do.

“Last year was also flat,” he said.

Strictly speaking, LeBron, AD. And it’s hard to pick up too much speed between Drummond. After all, this is Kim’s first time playing with Drummond and frankly, things aren’t going together right now.

However, the fact that all three of them received respectable numbers is a sign of hope. Vogue also mentioned it Lockers They didn’t know they were going to the playoffs last season. However, it ended on a topic NBA.

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