Maria Celeste Araras: Her YouTube show has crossed 1 million hits

Maria Celeste Araras: Her YouTube show has crossed 1 million hits

Miami. “MC LIVE”, a celebrity talk show from Maria Celeste Arras On his online channel YoutubeOn Friday, his communications agency reported that the number of visits exceeded one million.

Back in January, Araras announced the launch of his new weekly YouTube show where “the main characters of the Latin world share a life lesson”.

“It became a fan favorite” of this Puerto Rican journalist and in a very short time it reached one million hits, a statement said.

The first character invited to Arrarás was a journalist of Mexican origin Maria Elena Salinas, Now on CBS News, who has left Univision after 37 years of fruitful work in this medium.

Other celebrities who have gone through “MC LIVE” are the Cuban-American singer Gloria EstefanPuerto Rican broadcaster and actress Adamari LopezCuban actor الممثل Mario Cimaro, presenter Mario Louis Creutzberger, better known as Don Francisco, writer Isabel Allende or the journalist Marie Antoinette Collins.

“All of them opened their hearts and came to share the powerful, touching, and personal stories they had yet to reveal,” added.

“For me, it is such an honor that these celebrities have the confidence to share the ordeals they have been through and how they have been able to overcome them. The fact that they show their weakness and strength at the same time is something that the public appreciates”Arrarás commented.

Arrarás has left Telemundo due to a series of staff cuts promoted by NBCUniversal to contain the drop in income during the pandemic.

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“MC LIVE” was produced in association with Ora.TV, a production studio founded in 2012 by the late journalist Larry King And funded by America Movil, the largest telephone operator in Latin America.

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