Mariana Levi’s daughter shows cellulite with pride and empowerment

Mariana Levi’s daughter shows cellulite with pride and empowerment

Maria Lopez-LevyDaughter of the actress Mariana LevyGod have mercy on him, he shared a short video via his Instagram account showing what a different light can do in the photos we take, and how this might affect the outcome of the photo.

We can see a granddaughter in the video Talina FernandezTaking photos in low light can mask the body’s “imperfections”, while a solid light allows us to see more charity, however, the young woman sends a powerful message with this comparison.

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And this is Maria Lopez-Levy, from 25 yearsShe explained how the cellulite on her legs is highlighted by the harsh light, but she makes it clear, although many may think that this characteristic is a “deficiency” that should be hidden, because it fills her with pride because she is a part of it.

With what a sister Paula Fernandez We have reminded women that there are natural processes and we should never be ashamed of our bodies, rather we should embrace what some call “flaws” and love ourselves with them and despite them.

And this is Maria Lopez, the daughter of the actor Ariel Lopez-Padilla, He indicated that by showing what light can do, it is a call to us not to believe everything we see on social networks and in the media, because the wrong idea about ideal bodies is absent.

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Instead, we must learn that bodies are perfect even though they have the properties that some consider flaws that put additional pressure on women by striving not to notice cellulite or anything else, when it is part of the natural processes and changes in the body. If you want to see the video click Here.

Greetings to the human body

According to what we were allowed to see Maria Lopez-Levy On his Instagram account, he likes to take photos in which the main subject is the human body, and he mainly enjoys showing his body nudity and movements, all in a very natural and aesthetic way.

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And although Maria Lopez-Levy herself is the main subject in most of the photos, we share a unique vision from her idealistic point of view through which we can see the human body from different angles and observe its beauty, and now let people notice it. communicate “Disadvantages“.

These visions that we can see through Mariana Levi’s daughter on Instagram are interesting, and not something that we have not seen before, but they offer us her own view of the world through her pictures, a look that she also presents through his photos. Called the conceptual study Give a study.

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