Maribel Guardia is unrecognizable in a new selfie, compared to Michael Jackson

Maribel Guardia is unrecognizable in a new selfie, compared to Michael Jackson

Far from the influence and admiration the actress produces every day Maribel guard In his fans, this time he was flush with criticism and cynicism. On their latest social media post, they compared it to Michael JacksonWell, he seems to be unrecognizable in a new selfie. The actress was originally from Saint JosephAnd the Costa Rica On this day, she disappointed her followers, who realized that the photo on this occasion was not in her favor.

It was through his Instagram account Maribel guard He shared a photo in the foreground with his daughter-in-law Imelda Garza and his niece, sports broadcaster. Bella JulesAfter visiting the spa to get a nice manicure. However, far from receiving the compliments as she usually does, she was filled with criticism on her face.

In the photo is an actress I give you lifeAnd the Tears crown s Italian girl getting married She appears casually in a colorful jumpsuit with a baroque print and her loose hair, covered in a black hat with a gold crown engraved in the center. Previous of Joan Sebastian He was pretending with a surprised face that did not satisfy his followers.

“Michael Jackson appears for many surgeries”, “Oh my God now if I don’t love Maribel”, “Michael Jackson resurrected”, “Michael Jackson is that you?” Nice nails, but Maribel, no, what happened? “You’re beautiful, but don’t turn on your face anymore,” “Fear not!” , Tutankhamun, were some of the harsh comments he received.

Be sure to be criticized Maribel guard They are not an everyday thing, on the contrary, it is so common that he almost always receives compliments on his amazing physique and beauty at the age of 61. However, this time the exception was.

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Most likely though, the beautiful wife of his son’s lawyer and manager Julian FigueroaAnd the Marco ChaconIgnore the nasty comments and criticism about one of your latest photos, because just a day before he posted a phrase by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill about age and criticized it.

“When you are 20 you care about everything people think about you, when you are 40 you stop worrying about what other people think, and when you turn 60 you realize that no one was thinking of you in the first place.”

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However, despite the assaults and ridicule of some people against him, the reality is that Maribel guard She was the epitome of perseverance, safety, and self-love like everyone else, inspiring her fans to never give up and show that no matter your age, you can look how you want with effort and dedication, as she did. Over the years.

And he is that at about 62 years of age, which will be on May 29, he exquisitely has an enviable figure, very well-preserved complexion and a flawless face, not to mention his attitude that radiates everyone with your energy. Full beauty!

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