Tips for adapting your office or study space at home

Tips for adapting your office or study space at home

Since the beginning of the epidemic we have had to Work and study at homeAnd convert our homes into temporary offices or classrooms.

Juan David Muñoz, Product Manager Jamar Furniture“Now we are the ones who will decide how we want to reorganize the space according to the activity that we do, and the important thing is to know how to choose a good location and suitable furniture, and of course take advantage of the spaces so that the work is away from distractions and with all the necessary comfort.”

What should I consider when adjusting your office or study space at home?

The first thing is that you find the area of ​​the house you live in I feel comfortableEnjoy good lighting and stay away from the constant movement of your home.

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Although it is important to create a small corner of relaxationPeople have been shown to be more productive and creative if they incorporate these moments into their work activity. On the other hand, it is imperative that the furniture used in this type of space meets the criteria for functionality, comfort and ergonomics.

The office will be the focus of the office or classroom at home; Therefore, when choosing it, it is important to consider the materials and their functionality.

To this, you can add a chair or two comfortable chairs that allow you to feel comfortable and comfortable Maintain proper posture Work, especially if you need to sit for long periods of time.

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Likewise, a storage area is essential. Shelves, file cabinets, and modular furniture are an excellent idea to have everything you need close at hand such as books, documents, papers, and more.

The important thing, according to Muñoz, is to make a decision and start the process of defining and designing your specific comfort zone so that you can Distance working Or study comfortably and effectively.

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