Mark Zuckerberg reveals the nickname his employees gave him

Mark Zuckerberg reveals the nickname his employees gave him

Mark Zuckerberg He has not always had a good reputation, founder and CEO Facebook / Meta He has earned a number of unattractive nicknames throughout his career. But during his last appearance day Tim Ferriss Showshared a particularly surprising tag that his staff put on him: Ain Soron.

Zuckerberg brought up the nickname after he and Fris began discussing how he manages his energy in the workplace while being constantly bombarded with news and information. “Maybe I don’t have enough willpower or enough calm to meditate head on.”Zuk said. “I actually need to put myself in a situation where it’s hard not to focus on this thing.”

Mark Zuckerberg admits to the terrifying (but affectionate) nickname his employees gave him (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

He continued, “Some of the people I work with in the company – they say it tenderly – but I think sometimes They refer to my attention as the Eye of Sauron. You have that infinite amount of energy to go to work on something, and if you direct it to a particular team, you will just burn it.”

For those of you who haven’t traveled to Middle Earth in a few ages, The Eye of Sauron is a manifestation of the titular Lord of the Rings. Without getting into a lot of fantasy literature, it’s legally outrageous, and bad things happen when he notices you. Zuckerberg’s computer-obsessed demeanor may be akin to a “dark lord,” but we don’t deny that Meta employees will liken his semi-autocratic work style to an eye-catcher. Anyway, we’re not sure that’s a compliment.

Meta Goes To Cryptocurrency

Mark Zuckerberg’s cult inside the Meta offices is seen not only in the alias they gave him, but also in such details as the name his workers baptized into the social network’s new cryptocurrency: Zuck Bucks, or “Zuck turkey”.

You may be dead you have given up cryptocurrency, But the company is still exploring financial products, according to a new report from financial times. The parent company of Facebook and Instagram appears to have a few sockets on fire, including virtual currency that employees used to call “Zuck Bucks.”

The Zuck Bucks, apparently named after Meta founder, Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Unlikely to be a cryptocurrency. Instead, Meta tends toward introducing in-app tokens that will be centrally controlled by the companysimilar to that used in gaming applications such as Robux coin in the popular children’s game RobloxAccording to FT, Roblox has built a huge company that sells Robux, and Meta could try to emulate some of that success on its own platforms.

Meta has not completely distanced itself from blockchain products, as the company is also researching Ability to post and share NFTs on Facebook. The Financial Times says the company plans to launch a beta program to do so in mid-May, according to a note, and shortly thereafter, Meta will test letting “Membership in Facebook groups based on ownership of NFT and other currencies” NFT. The FT already reported some of its Meta NFT plans to Facebook and Instagram in January, and Zuckerberg announced in March that NFTs are coming to Instagram.

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What is more, Meta explores “social tokens” or “reputation tokens”,” which “can be issued as rewards for large contributions to Facebook groups, for example,” according to the Financial Times report. The company is also reported to be looking at traditional financial services, such as small business loans.

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